Borage Oil and TOM

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If you have bad periods and PMS, Borage Oil is a must try for you.  This little gem really relieves many of the symptoms of PMS, including cramping, bloating, weight gain, foggy headed, and mood swings.


What is Borage oil?
Borage oil contains an essential fatty acid called GLA that your body does not make efficiently for itself . The GLA or gamma linolenic acid, is easy converted into DGLA or dihomagamma linolenic acid. From DHLA, the body rapidly makes PGE-1 or Series-1 Prostaglandins. These PGE-1 molecules are about 1/2 of your inflammation-fighting capability. Without them, you have a persistent tendency toward inflammation, which often leads to insulin resistance, obesity and many deadly diseases.

How does Borage Oil help?
The herbs useful for treating PMS are flaxseed or borage oil, usually supplied in gel capsules. These oils give special fatty acids that can relief various pains and emotional PMS symptoms.  Available in the Marketplace

Health Benefits:

Body maintenance
GLA present in borage oil is an omega-6 fatty acid which is an essential for health of hair, nails and skin. Hair and skin contains a fatty lipid compound and when omega-3 fatty acid is added they become more healthy. Hairs become more stronger and lustrous and the skin attains good elasticity and glow. The anti-inflammatory property of borage oil is effective ion eliminating the symptoms of eczema and acne.

Menstrual health
Borage oil is very beneficial in treating pre-menstrual syndrome. The anti-inflammatory property of the oil helps in improving blood circulation, reducing bloating, tender breasts and cramping. Borage oil provides these benefits only when used for a month. This is a great articleGLA Everyday ..Keeps PMS AWAY

Bone health
Bones are not only made of calcium, but also of fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Therefore intake of fatty acids is also important. On regular consumption of borage oil, bone disorders like osteoporosis can be prevented. Borage oil is also effective in treating the rheumatoid arthritis symptoms like pain and stiffness.

Circulatory health
The anti-inflammatory property of borage oil helps in better circulation. It therefore reduces high blood pressure due to its improved blood flow.

Weight loss
Borage oil also helps in losing weight. It reduces the inflammation, would we use Borage Oil in phase 2? If your period is a problem for you and you gain or stall out during TOM during phase 2, it cannot hurt to use it during this time.  After Phase 2, I recommend taking one per day and then increasing to two when you are PMS or ovulating.

Other supplements and tips for your period (TOM) (Read full article here)

The last two weeks of the menstrual cycle cause magnesium levels to drop. When you are low on magnesium you will bloat and retain water. Taking a Magnesium supplement before your period is one key to help reduce symptoms.

Omega 3
Only take this during Phase 3. You can get this naturally from fish sources during phase 2. Try Flax Oil Capsules of 1000 mg a day, which will have your omega 3, 6 and 9.

B Complex Vitamins
B vitamins are essential as they help balance out your serotonin levels. Look for a healthy sublingual formula. They are very effective and absorb well. B6 for PMS is the key to mood balance.

Get in light walking during PMS this will help to reduce stress and keeps the body active.

Limit your caffeine intake during PMS as this only exacerbates the symptoms.

My doctor recommends eating a big steak and spinach for dinner right before I start and during your period. This helps reduce cravings. Steak is high in iron. If you do not eat red meat try to increase your iron from another protein source.

Chocolate Cravings
Stick with chocolate delight recipes. This will keep you from eating bad chocolate during your period. Click Here for Recipes.

Make sure you get your 8 hours of sleep during this time. Your body needs time to repair itself and it will help with the symptoms if you are well rested and have the right nutrition.

Personal Note:


profile 4As many of you know I have been looking for a cure for PMS, yes for my own personal gain.  I have horrible experiences with my periods to the point of incapacitating me.  Through this journey of implementing the right food choices and supplements something was still missing.  I received an email from “Susan” to add in the borage oil.  I will be forever grateful to her for this tip.  Typically my periods make me have brain fog, irritable, mean, cramps and just not a nice person.  I also go to bed for about 3 days and stay there.

I have always had horrible migraines right before and right after my period when my hormones are changing, and I felt the difference with the borage oil within 24 hours.  I went to the health store and bought it because I had a girls weekend trip and it was about to be ruined when TOM was showing its ugly signs.  Within 24 hours I could see the difference and was functional.  Throughout the weekend, my period never over powered me and I had minimal headaches and no migraines. Combining borage oil with my other regimen was just what was needed.  For me the borage oil will give me back about a week out of my life every month and for that you cannot put a price tag on.  ~Shawna Culp




  1. Horses_mickey on June 24, 2011 at 2:39 am

    Thanks for being willing to discuss your own issues, and for letting us know what’s worked for you. Too often we go around suspecting that there’s others like us out there somewhere, but very often (especially with TOM), people are more reluctant to mention the “unmentionables”. I’m so glad that borage oil has helped you. I may have to get some before TOM hits me this next time. 🙂

  2. AJ on July 6, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    Hi, do you take it along with any other pain relievers? I have a very horrible period for about 3 days but my flow still last 7 to 10 days total(VERY heavy for 3-4 days).  I would love to just not be in pain those 3 days and live life, lol. I’d love to hear your regimen during TOM.

    • Shawna Culp on July 6, 2011 at 6:58 pm

      Tom I take double my 4 magnesium and liquid bcomplex B6, 4 borage oil, 2 flax oil and eat spinach and steak.. For pain I take Midol and Excedrin this combo seems to work best

      Shawna Culp

  3. Veronicaderry on July 7, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    my make-up has Castor oil in it , its CoverBlend by Excuviance medical makeup. so i cover burn marks and scars on my face w/it. is that o.k. to use on phase 2? thats like my most important thing, you know? like don’t leave home without it on.  sooo…can i or no?

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  6. Srt8hotmama on June 21, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    So Borage oil is ok in phase 2? And won’t cause a gain..:).

    • Shawna Culp on June 21, 2012 at 6:45 pm

      I would only do borage on p2 if the benefit out weighs the side effects. Most stall on p2 during periods and borage truly helps with period symptoms

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