Do I Need to Do a Detox?

If you are ready for life-changing results, then the HealthPro Detox Plan is for you. This detox plan will do more than help you get a jump-start on weight loss. It will help reduce cravings you have while cleansing and healing the liver, our main fat-burning organ.

This detox is aimed at cleansing the liver to help restore efficient fat burning. It has been compiled into an easy-to-read, affordable little booklet to help you understand the importance and benefits of detoxing.

This is not an extreme or harsh detox program which can cause imbalance in your body. It will not make you feel weak or hungry. It is a gentle plan which will fit right in with your busy life and make a dramatic difference in your health.

We recommend doing a detox before starting a round and also a couple times per year after completion.

Some of the benefits of this detox plan include:

• Loss of unwanted pounds
• Loss of belly bloat
• Increased energy levels
• Mental clarity
• Reduction in sugar and salt cravings
• Pain relief – from inflammation
• Healthy digestion – healing digestive issues
• Healing of the liver
• Restoration of your body’s natural detoxification system
• Elimination of harmful toxins from your body
• Reduction of overall body inflammation
• Restoration of healthy “good” bacteria in your gut
• Slowing of the aging process caused by smoking, alcohol or other environmental toxins

Although this detox focuses on cleansing using whole foods and complete nutrition, there are supplements that are helpful (perhaps imperative) in promoting your body’s detoxing ability.

The HealthPro Detox Plan includes the Liver Detox Supplement which is an all-in-one pill to be taken daily while following the whole foods detox plan.

If you are supplementing with vitamins, it is essential that you have a reliable and healthy source for a quality vitamin. Many of the pharmacy brand vitamins contain little more than fillers, which will not do you any good when trying to purify your body.

Fiber and water are two essential components of any detox program. You will be drinking water and obtaining it from your diet during this regimen, and you will be consuming fiber as well through vegetables and fruit.

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