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I was at the airport recently and had my bag searched. The lady from TSA pulled out my Himalayan sea salt bottle and looked at me funny. It was a wonderful opportunity for a teaching moment and a great inspiration for a blog post! I really never leave home without it. Table salt is so unhealthy, yet, it is on every restaurant table in America. Besides the other health issues, did you know it can cause cellulite? That will always get a woman’s attention! She may have ignored my health claims but once we started talking about appearance, we as women tend to listen up and pay attention! Funny how we are like that!

Using Himalayan Pink Salt is a little choice that really does matter; This one product can help your energy levels, support your weight loss efforts, and even improve your sleep. It has been used for years for its healing and detoxifying properties and we are happy to announce that we now carry our own line of it.

Himalayan Pink Salt is found in the crystallized salt beds that have been sealed up in the earth for many years, untouched by pollution and industrialization. To this day, it is still hand-mined in many countries where the Himalayan Mountains exist.

It gets its pink color from the iron oxide it naturally contains, and due to its crystallization, the light reflects or refracts off it and gives off the pink color.

It contains 84 trace minerals that our bodies actually need, some of which are extremely beneficial to our bodies – like sulfur, potassium, and even calcium.

Used in moderation to replace table salt, Himalayan Pink Salt can promote electrolyte balance, lower blood pressure, balance alkalinity/acidity, and even promote relaxation.

So when you hear the health reports and warnings telling you to lower our salt intake, realize that they are referring to regular white table salt. There is a big difference.

Regular table salt is stripped of all its minerals and good qualities during processing, and while it has no benefits for you, it actually can be harmful. Some table salt contains talc and aluminum which are not good for our bodies at all.

Back to that cellulite issue – yes, table salt can also cause cellulite! It can actually dimple up your fat cells by causing fluid retention and decreasing circulation which causes cellulite.  Heart disease, stroke, muscle cramps, digestion issues and many other ailments can be linked to the over-consumption of iodized table salt.  Read more on the dangers of table salt here: https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/salt-and-sodium/sodium-health-risks-and-disease/

It is time to replace that nasty old white stuff with the healthy, pure, and beneficial pink salt.

Available in fine granules or coarse form with a grinder, we hope you choose to make the switch – your body will thank you!

Order yours here:  HIMALAYAN PINK SALT


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