Wild Blueberries: The Most Valuable Healing Food

Wild blueberries might just be the most valuable food in God’s garden that can help heal our bodies. There is not a cancer that wild blueberries cannot prevent, nor a disease known to humankind that wild blueberries cannot protect you from.  

Amazing, right?

However, it’s important not to confuse wild blueberries with their larger, cultivated cousins, which, while great for your health, don’t offer even a fraction of wild blueberries’ power. The difference between cultivated and wild blueberries is similar to the difference between farm-raised salmon and wild salmon, or between industrial, grain-fed beef and free-range, grass-fed beef. We know it’s important to choose the healthiest protein sources and equally important is how we choose our blueberries if we want all this amazing berry had to offer. 

Wild blueberries have sky-high levels of antioxidants—the highest proportion of antioxidants of any food on the planet. They also are exceptionally effective for detoxing heavy metals from our system and restoring the liver

According to Anthony Williams (Medical Medium®), when you eat wild berries, their innate intelligence reads your body, searches out potential disease, monitors your stress and toxicity levels, and figures out the best way to heal you—it is the only food that does that.

If you have any condition, particularly if it’s cancerous or related to the brain and/or nerves, try bringing wild blueberries into your life.

Here’s an interesting tidbit:

Native Americans observed early on that when wildfire occurred, the only thing that would grow in its path afterward were wild blueberry plants—in fact, they would come back stronger and healthier than ever before. This is the source of the wild blueberry’s power: not only can it rise from the ashes, it uses those ashes to its benefit. 

Interesting, right?

So if you have struggled in life whether it be a serious illness, unhealthy relationship or a tragedy, bring wild blueberries into your life.

Fresh or frozen?

While fresh offers an amazing amount of nutritional benefits, when wild blueberries are frozen, they are adaptogens and don’t lose their nutritional value as some other fruits and vegetables do. Instead, when frozen the blueberries nutrition increases. The challenge of withstanding the freezing process pushes the fruit to perform at the top of its game, providing you with greater nutritional force and bioavailability.

Do you want to know one of the secrets to manifesting abundance? It’s the wild blueberry. When you want to live a life of bounty and blessings, include wild blueberries (and prayer!) into your diet and watch the “magic” happen.

Where to buy:

If you’re in the United States, seek out frozen or fresh wild blueberries from Maine. If you’re in Canada, seek out those from eastern Canada. If you live in another country, don’t underestimate the wild blueberries that may be growing in your region; they hold miraculous benefits that far exceed those of any cultivated blueberry.

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For more life-changing foods we suggest you grab Life-Changing Foods by Anthony Williams (Medical Medium®).

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