Analyzing a Gain in Phase 3

scale - yikesMany people don’t have to count calories or analyze the intake percentages of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in Phase 3, however, it may be necessary for stabilization of weight.  If you see a gain in Phase 3, here are some helpful tips to review:

• Make sure that the foods and beverages don’t have hidden sugar and starch. See our article on Alternative Names for Sugar.

• Review your activity level. Are you exercising too much? Try cutting back or cutting out any new routines you have added until Phase 4.

• Eliminate or lower your fruits for 3-4 days and then add them back slowly after the weight stabilizes to see how you do.

•  Count your intake of calories to get to know your individual intake level. There are a lot of calorie counting websites, such as to help with your calorie count and your intake percentages of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

•  During Phase 3, your protein and fat intake needs to be higher than normal. Your protein intake may need to be around 60-65% in order to maintain. After you have stabilized and maintained for a while, you can adjust the protein, fat, and carb intake until you find a good balance for you.

• Have your bowel movements returned to normal? If you are having trouble with constipation, try magnesium, Epsom salt, Psyllium Husks or Smooth Move tea- most people find these methods very effective, plus they are not habit-forming.

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