Favorite Gadgets

Shop for your favorite Christmas Gadgets

We recently held a contest on our Facebook Support Group and had everyone share their favorite kitchen gadgets that help them make life easier in the kitchen.  Enjoy these favorites for the perfect Christmas present.

1.  Ninja Blender – This was the number one favorite pick (Click Here)

Ninja blender






2.  George Foreman Grill (Click Here)

George Foreman grill






3. Lemon Squeezer (Click Here

lemon squeezer






4. The BEST EVER Favorite nonstick cookware (Click Here)







5. Julienne Vegetable Peeler (Click Here)

julienne peeler






6. Apple Slice (Click Here)








7. KitchenAid Mixer (Click Here)








8. Blendtec Blender (Click Here)

blendtec blender







9. Garlic Chopper (Click Here)

Garlic Chopper







10. NutriBullet (Click Here)


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