When to start your round?

woman on periodEverything about our “Time of the Month” for all phases!

We often get asked when to start your round in relation to “time of the month”.  Dr. Simeons says the best time to begin a round is right after TOM or at least 10 days before.  It is to your benefit to follow this schedule.  It is also recommended you do not end your round at your period time as this will give you an inaccurate last dose weight and it can cause the scale to be unstable and hard to pinpoint your stabilization range.

There are some tips for TOM while on protocol that we have shared before and I will link those here.  (Click Here)

The best things you can do to help while having TOM on protocol:

  • Do not get emotional- the scale will likely stall during TOM and you will usually see a spike up during ovulation.  This is all normal responses for women and their hormone cycle and they will not interfere with your overall results.  Remember it is not about your daily weigh in but the average loss at the end of the round.  You will have stalls throughout the protocol.  They are common and should be expected.  Here is more information on stalls (Click Here)
  • The necessary supplements that will help with cravings, water retention and overall TOM symptoms are Magnesium and B6.  Make sure and have these on board at least a week before starting your period.
  • Having red meat and spinach will help you prepare your body for TOM.  While PMS I recommend having this at one meal each day.

During Phase 3 when you are not on protocol it is not uncommon to see much larger gains during PMS and ovulation.  Typically the average for PMS is 3-7 lbs and 2-3 lbs during ovulation.  This is completely normal and should be expected.  There is inflammation and water retention that occurs and is part of the normal bodily functions.

I highly recommend getting a period tracker on your phone or computer.   Fertility Friend has a great app for I Phone and Android (these are located under the left side menu mobile applications on their website) and it is highly recommended you track your cycles.  This helps you keep track and make notes about your hormonal changes and moods.

As women who do get hormonal, it is not uncommon to feel fat and bloated when hormones are moving around.  We also can sometimes (wink) be irrational and feel emotional.  Keeping good records will help you manage these emotions and not jump the gun on doing a correction day, another round or making rash decisions regarding protocol.

Remember there are many women who experience similar symptoms but at varying levels.  Always come ask for help if you would like a second opinion or review of what you are doing and let one of the admins help you make a plan that will be beneficial for you.



  1. admin on April 23, 2014 at 10:41 am

    Carma- it sounds hormonal- I would check with your doctor and see if the meds or progesterone you are on is causing the weight gain as as a side effect

  2. admin on September 15, 2014 at 11:44 pm


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