Getting Your Family to Eat Healthier

I am moving my household to an organic, processed free zone!  I have been gradually adding in healthy foods and tossed out the foods with hidden sugars and other faults.  One issue though is that my family is conditioned to like certain foods, especially quick and easy snacks, and they are starting to notice there is no “snack” food.  When they say there is nothing to eat I whip up something whether it is a plate of cut up fruit, nuts, or a quick stir fry so that they are not tempted to run and get something from a fast food place.

We tell everyone to not be cheap when it comes to their health, but we also understand that buying organic foods can be quite expensive.  The best thing to do is add in these healthy foods a little at a time, so that you don’t have the shock of paying for a cart full of food from Whole Foods.  Also when you stare down that $4.50 box of whole grain organic cereal, just remind yourself of all the reasons why you want you and your family to eat healthy!

But what you do about Pizza Night, Taco’s, Spaghetti or Lasagna?  Sure there are healthy options for pasta or pizza but they may not go for it.  This is where moderation comes in to play in Phase 4.  We still have these items just less often and when we visit the Pizza Parlor or drive through our favorite taco shop I prepare myself by detoxing.  I always drink lemon water all day which helps aid in digestion and cleanse the liver.  I will drink detox tea and take a detox bath before bed.

Everything in moderation is a great guide to go by.  The secret is to limit the amount of times per week you eat the less healthy foods.  This requires extra work on my part.   Being willing to cook will help you keep your family from complaining as they adjust to this new processed free lifestyle.  They actually love the food and it is just an adjustment in conditioning that I see taking place every day.


1.  Replace all your oils in the house with coconut oil, MCT oil and palm oil.  This is the first easiest thing to replace.

2.  Look at the dirty food list and start buying these items organic only. (Click here)

3.  Read your labels.  It is close to impossible to get processed free or hidden sugar free foods at Wal-Mart and can become time consuming reading every label, so find a farmer’s market and a natural foods store in your area.

4.  Get the sugar out of your house.  Switch to Stevia and start using it in everything that requires sugar.

5.  One thing I do is cut up veggies for the week.  I wash, cut up, and store everything in the refrigerator and freezer and have it ready.  If you prepare ahead of time makes it so much easier to whip something up when they are hungry and looking for snacks.

By starting these healthy habits for your family now, they will thank you for giving them healthier meals and the next step to a healthy life!  Here is a documentary on what the processed foods are doing to our kids and our nation.  It is lengthy but definitely worth watching.  (Click Here)

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