Increase Energy & Lose Weight Tip #2

Do you need to increase your energy levels? Are you ready to lose weight? In our last post, we gave you tip #1 – Consume Nutritionally-Dense Foods. Today we are going to give you a tip that will help hold you accountable in order to meet your weight loss goals.

Tip #2: You Bite It, You Write it:

One thing extremely important in a successful weight loss is self-monitoring. You can also do the same with your body’s energy levels.

Food journaling is recording every bite of food you consume in a day. Studies have shown writing down every bite increases weight loss. But it can also prove to be effective in boosting your energy levels. By writing down the foods you consume, you can better learn what foods boost your energy levels.

Don’t get stuck on the number on the scale. You do not need to get your readings every day as our bodies naturally fluctuate. And always remember—muscle weighs more than fat. Try checking your weight once per week and recording it in your journal. This will be helpful in measuring your progress and will be more prone to stick to a healthier regimen.

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