Increase Energy & Lose Weight Tip #3

Do you need to increase your energy levels? Are you ready to lose weight? We’ve been giving you some tips to help and today’s tip is an important one!

Tip # 3. Avoid Processed Sugar:

Reaching for a sugar-filled snack may give you an energy boost but it is for only a short-time. When you consume large amounts of artificial, processed or added sugar it can cause a rapid drop in your energy levels, making you feel more fatigued and tired.

Consuming processed sugar not only zaps our energy and increases the number on the scale, but it contributes to numerous illnesses and diseases. Our bodies do not know what to do with these processed sugars so it just sits in our liver—our main fat-burning organ.

On the other hand, our bodies know how to handle natural sweeteners which makes them a whole lot healthier to consume. Eating natural sweeteners and making more healthy choices will increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin, allowing for a slow and steady release of sugar in the bloodstream.

So, choose wisely: Honey, stevia, dates, maple syrup and Monk Fruit sweeteners are our favorites. Make sure you select pure and when possible, organic brands.

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