The LCM Book Club – You: On a Diet


We are quickly approaching our second month of the LCM Book Club.  For August we’ve chosen You: On a Diet, by Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen.  To join our book club on Facebook click here.  This book is available in the Marketplace under the Reading category and is offered in both hard copy and e-book versions.

Carol’s Review:

“When I read books, I like to read to learn about my body and the way foods effects us. I am not a fan of “fad” diet books, so when I picked this one up, I hesitated. As I paged through the book I saw interesting facts and tips so I bought it for that alone. However, when I dug into the book I realized this was a good find. Even though this book is an approach to slimming the waistline, it gives a lot important information about how our bodies function. The authors explain ordinary body functions and processes and how everything you put inside your body affects those functions. They explain it in such a way that it is easy to understand and you may even have a few ‘Aha!’ moments! The authors use al lot corny humor (along with entertaining illustrations!) so you may find yourself laughing as you read the in-depth information.

Although there are things in the book I do not agree with, like ditching the scale, I did learn a lot from it and it’s worth the read. This book is more about a lifestyle change than a typical diet which I am a total fan of.”

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