Healthy vegetable salad with olive oil dressing over white

One of the biggest menu mistakes we can make is eating a fat-free salad. Every vegetable salad (especially dark green leafy vegetables) should have a little fat added because that will help your body absorb the nutrients.

Certain foods become healthier when eaten together. Many vegetables are fat-soluble, which means your body needs the fat to assimilate the nutrients in them. The more nutrients your body absorbs, the less hunger you will feel, and the longer you will stay feeling satisfied after a meal. Eating a bit of fat will help your energy level, your mood, and your digestion. It also helps lower any sugar cravings!

So, every time you eat a salad, check to make sure you have some fat along with it!

For P2 – If you use  MCT oil in phase 2 (2 tablespoons max of combined MCT or coconut oil) try it in your salad dressings or just drizzle it over the salad. (get yours with a fabulous sprayer here)

For P3 – Sprinkle a little goat cheese over your salad, top with some sliced avocado, some chia or hemp seeds or maybe some chopped nuts if you are not sensitive to nuts in P3. Make a salad dressing using extra virgin olive oil, MCT oil, or even a little buttermilk. Little Choices Matter’s Heavenly Ranch and Sassy Vinaigrette make great healthy fat additions to your salad.

Remember – no FAT-FREE SALADS!! It will all help make you healthier and slimmer.

Download our P2 Guide for a whole page of recipes.

To read more about adding in coconut or MCT oil to your diet click here.

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