Every Cheat Counts

cheating on a dietEvery deviation counts on protocol and can set you back for days. Sometimes we cannot avoid things happening in life. Dr. Simeons states that any deviation can show up at the scale for 3 days after. If you are on your goal round the results can last longer.

Faulty Dieting
“Few patients will take one’s word for it that the slightest deviation from the diet has disastrous results as far as the weight is concerned. This extreme sensitivity has the advantage that the smallest error is immediately detectable at the daily weighing but most patients have to make the experience before they will believe it.”

“Attending social functions to which they cannot bring their meager meal must be told beforehand that an official dinner will cost them the loss of about three days treatment, however careful they are and in spite of a friendly and would-be cooperative host.”

Should life happen you will be okay- Dr. Simeons says “allowing three days for their correction such incidents do not jeopardize the treatment, provided they do not occur all too frequently in which case treatment should be postponed to a socially more peaceful season. Just know that it may take three days to correct and it will be lost time during protocol.

Things that can help: Click the links to read articles to help detox

Lemon Water

Detox Bath

Detox Tea

Getting back on POP

Detoxing when not on protocol:

If you are not on protocol and just have not been eating right and want to do a food based detox check out our HealthPro Detox Plan to cleanse and detox.

Spring is here and we are excited to do some spring cleaning. We usually will detox a few times a year just as you would spring clean your home- do a liver cleanse.


  1. Kelli on October 5, 2015 at 5:45 am

    This may not be the correct place to post this question but I’m learning to navigate the site :). My husband and I are getting ready to do a round ( my Tom permitting) we will load this weekend. Anyway I noticed some of the recipes in the phase 2 guide call for mct oil or coconut oil. I thought we were to avoid even a hint of extra fat. Could you explain please?

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