Last Dose Weight Variables

Last Dose Weight-Your last dose weight is the day you take your last dose. There are many variables that can effect LDW and maintaining throughout p3 and beyond. Lets look at some of them.

Inaccurate LDW– This typically happens when we push or manipulate the scale during the last few days of protocol. We are rushing to the finish line and want to push the results by doing an apple day or some other form of correction which causes us to experience a larger loss right at the end of our round. Unfortunately these measures typically backfire and you end up struggling through the first week of p3 to maintain it and you think you are doing everything wrong because you have gone over you LDW. Click Here for Carol’s video on LDW errors.  The longer your are at a certain weight the more settled the body is with it and it will not jump around as much in p3.  Slow losses towards end of a round are normal and part of the process.

Unrealistic LDW– Some of us have unrealistic LDW goals that are hard to maintain.  When your body is really fighting you to go to your lowest healthy weight range you really need to evaluate where your body wants to settle.  As we age our weight is typically higher than when we were younger and though we may be the same size clothes as we were, our numbers on the scale may be up from what they were 10-20 years ago.  Check out the height and weight chart for your healthy range.  Also consider hormones, age, and really listen to what your body is saying.  If you continue to struggle over and over maintaining a low weight it is likely that your goal weight was a little too low.  It is also important to continue measuring in p3 because you will continue to lose inches as your body reshapes itself.

Lacking Discipline LDW– This protocol takes discipline to maintain.  Most will go through P3 and strictly adhere to the guidelines.  Those who do, track everything, move slowly and watch for food sensitivities and they will typically maintain 21 days straight.  There are also those who push the boundaries.  We have to look at personal responsibility and accept that some of us struggle with being disciplined.  The strict p3 lifestyle is not easy to maintain when we have so many choices.  We chose to eat out at restaurants or have one alcoholic drink or eat a little too much dairy etc.  We then correct and start the process over again.  Those who are less disciplined usually settle a few pounds above LDW.   Is this a bad thing?  Not necessarily.  If settling 3-5 lbs above LDW allows you to live within your lifestyle it is definitely not a bad thing.  We have learned so much about our food choices and how to eat healthier overall.  We have lost weight and know how our body responds to different foods, we just lack the necessary discipline to maintain at a p3 level.  You cannot however, return to your old ways of eating .  You can splurge from time to time but you have to make eating healthy a new priority in your lifestyle.

The DisciplinedThese are those that follow the rules and do not vary.  They track everything and make sure they get the right balance for their bodies.  They typically settle right at or below LDW for 21 consecutive days.  Disciplined and rule followers fall in this category.  They track everything, they know how they respond to each food and do not overeat dairy, nuts etc., but have a good balance for their bodies.

There are other variables that effect our LDW forever.  One is the big hormone factor.  Tracking your cycles is as important as tracking your foods.  You have to know where you are at in cycle to understand the fluctuations on the scale.  Some can gain as much as 7-10 lbs due to water retention from TOM weight but typical gains are 3-4 lbs.  This makes many become irrational about the gains, question the problem, and panic.  Tracking your cycle is a priority to know when and how the scale moves during pms, period, post period, and ovulation.  It is normal to gain right before and right after your period up to 3 days as your hormones are moving around and at ovulation.

Another issue we see is goal weight LDW.   At goal weight if you do not maintain there for at least a week before going into p3, it typically will settle at the 2 lb mark above LDW.  Here is an example.  You are on a 40 day round and goal weight is 135.  Day 37, 38, 39 your weights are 137.5, 137.4, 135  looking at the week prior to your LDW if you were not setting at the ldw for a few days its likely it will bounce once in p3.  If you drop right at the end to your goal weight of 135 on last day you have not been here long enough to maintain it and will likely settle around 137.   If you have a set goal weight its best to either sit there for several days or go a few pounds under so that you have the buffer so the scale will be where you want it and you will not have unnecessary frustration.

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