Preparing for the Protocol

Many people have found that cleansing the body helps prepare the body for what is to come ahead. A Candida cleanse helps with sugar cravings and a colon cleanse can begin the process of clearing out the toxins and prevent constipation during the protocol. Also, a detox bath can be helpful. See our article on detox baths.

Take the time to read and know the protocol. Also, download and read other helpful information from our downloads section.

Give up Splenda, Aspartame and MSG. They all make you hungry and fuel addictions.

Make sure your schedule is ready to take on your new diet (i.e. no vacations planned, etc.) and that you start right after TOM (Time of Month)

Spend time planning your meals, shopping for the protocol, and checking out the recipes.

Mentally prepare for this protocol. Think about of how you are going to handle the day-to-day situations,  the foods you are going to make, and how you will handle your family meals. Get prepared to be committed to this protocol. Preparation is your key to success.

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