Your Final Round

Many of us have done multiple rounds on our journeys and get very excited for the “final round” to lose the last ten pounds.

The problem is, these final 7-10 pounds can be the most stubborn and most frustrating of the whole endeavor. There may be many ups and down – physically, emotionally, and, sadly, on the scale readings. Here are some helpful hints for this exciting – yet trying – time.

Stay on protocol – and I mean the original Dr. Simeons protocol. Your body will be more finicky than ever and this is not the time to experiment with green beans and broccoli. This is the final stretch. Stay POP (perfect on protocol). You can do this!

Squelch boredom with variety. If you always eat lettuce with your chicken breast, try spinach. If you usually eat spinach raw, try it cooked. Add more spinach with your strawberries in a smoothie form. Cheating is not a good idea when you are this close to goal.

Keep good records. Document all of your food and drink intake and write down your beauty products. This will be imperative when seeking help from the administrators in the Facebook support group.

If you are on protocol and haven’t joined the group, then that is another helpful hint. Click here to join. If you need help, ask! We have seen so many through this program and can and will help you!

Some other useful options:
-Take detox baths. Find those instructions here.
-Drink detox tea (Yogi and Triple Leaf brands are great)
-Be sure and stay hydrated! Increase water intake if necessary. It helps flush out the fat, plus helps you feel full faster.
-Warm lemon water in the mornings is known to boost metabolism and help your liver perform at its best.
-Increase your intake of green leafy vegetables – especially spinach. Raw spinach is best but if you struggle with the quantity, you can lightly saute it.
-Keep your food clean and whole. Make your own broths instead of buying it, and use fresh tomatoes in lieu of canned. Even salad mixes can contain starches to prevent browning. Buy the head of lettuce and start from scratch to prevent these issues. Your body may be battling to hold onto these final pounds.
-Take short walks and stay moving. A little more activity may help.

You may need to increase your protein toward the end as you may suffer from protein deficiency. Hunger and weakness, even after altering dosage, tend to be the two biggest signals of needing to increase protein when you are on your final round.

Also remember to be sure to double check any supplements you may take for hidden sugars. Ask an administrator if you have questions on which supplements may be helpful.

Body lotions can also be troublesome. Although some people continue to use their normal products and still have success, some lotions and shower gels and other products can limit losses. If you are stuck, this is something to consider. Coconut oil is a safe moisturizer for most participants if your skin is screaming for moisture.

Enjoy this time and realize that your body is working hard. This is a wonderful time to realize that, although it isn’t always easy, it will be worth it. You are doing something great for yourself and getting healthier. Enjoy this time and relax. Stress less and realize this is all part of the journey.

Support is key, so if you have a problem or questions make sure you ask one of us for help. Let the process work with you, have patience and ENJOY reaching your GOAL!


  1. Liane McNeil on September 7, 2017 at 5:07 am

    Very good advise! Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. Carey West on October 24, 2021 at 8:51 am

    I cannot find the P3 shopping list

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