Tips for Eating out

We all run into some pointduring our strict protocol asking the question, “Can we eat out on Phase 2, and if so what can we eat?”  This is where it can be tricky.  At home we can weigh our meats, we are careful of the fat content and we especially make sure none of our spices have sugar.  When you are eating out you are left to the kitchen making these choices for you. The question then is, “What do I order and where can I go?”  I am going to outline a few Do’s and Dont’s when eating out.

DO: Have a plan before you go! Decide where you are going ahead of time and check them out online. Most sites have a menu available online and some even have nutritional information. Pick something other than fast food.  The likelihood of you getting anything more than processed meats at a fast food facility is very slim, so pick a restaurant that you can order cook-to-order foods.  Check out this Fast Food Calorie Counter.

DO: Bring Stevia packets and your own salad dressing. Even if they have a Vinaigrette or Balsamic dressing it will likely have sugar in it. Try this dressing recipe:  Sweet ‘n Sour Vinaigrette Salad Dressing. You can also ask for lemon and lime wedges to use as your dressing.

DO: Ask the server questions! This seems simple but I always ask if the meat is pretreated with any marinade or oil.  This will keep you from having any surprises at the scale in the morning.  One time I ordered Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken wrap with chicken, lettuce, tomato and onion only.  I removed the tortilla and it was the perfect lettuce wrap.  I was excited to share and ran home and wanted to get the nutritional information from their site only to discover there is sugar marinade used on their grilled chicken. I was up .5 the next day.  Grilled meats can be deceiving if soaked in a sugar base before cooking so always ask.

Order Idea: Grilled Chicken Breast, plain and with no oils.  A bed of lettuce with tomatoes and onions.  A wedge of lemon and lime and salt and pepper.

Don’t: Don’t stress, you do not want to ruin the time with your friends and family.  If you plan ahead you can eliminate a lot of the stressors involved.  Know the menu and the options before arriving. You will not have your scale with you to weigh your meats, so you will have to eyeball it. If the portion looks larger than what you normally consume then don’t eat all of it.

Dont: Allow temptations: Don’t go to a place where alcohol or extra foods are prevalent and you will be tempted. Don’t tempt yourself by going where they place bread or chips on the table before the meal. Try to keep the environment where iced tea will fit in just fine.

Following these tips will allow you to maintain your VLCD with ease and still enjoy the social setting of dining out with your family.

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