Phase 3

The goal of phase 3 is to find out which foods you are sensitive to. These are all just suggestions to help you get an idea of where to start.  You will need to be careful during the first week coming out of phase 2 and concentrate on getting your calories up before introducing new types of food.  You can, however, mix your veggies now and add in new protein and vegetables. Concentrate on getting more protein and introducing simple fats again like butter, oils, and seeds.  

Healthy food

get in your calories

It is very important to get in your calories in phase 3. Without the hormones in your system, you will need to get your calories up or your body will go into starvation mode and start gaining. This baffles some but I want to explain why this is the case. In phase 2 you know that your body is breaking down abnormal fat for calories and according to Pounds and Inches you are getting approximately 2500-4500 cal per day. When the hormone has left your system, your body will be in shock if you do not increase your calories. Most think they are eating too much and getting too many calories, but you are actually having the opposite effect and getting fewer calories in phase 3 than you are getting in phase 2. This is a key component to maintenance.

when can I start exercising?

When entering phase 3 it is important to not jump straight into an exercise routine.  Your body is coming out of a very strict season and you will first want to introduce the new higher calories before doing any exercise including walking.  It would be best to make sure your body is settling in to your new calorie counts before beginning any exercise program.

Here is a post that discusses how to start implementing exercise without messing with your stabilization process.

exercise on P3
lose weight

Lose Weight In Phase 3?

In Phase 3 you consume at least 1500 calories a day (this varies, use the calculator to determine your exact calories) with no sugars and starches. If you are having problems stabilizing then check the Calorie Control link to get your maintenance caloric intake amount.

The purpose is to reset and lock-in your new base weight. Dr. Simeons states the importance of weight stabilization and when you can do another round of the protocol, if necessary, or move on to Phase 4 – lifetime maintenance.

Follow this menu for week one:

Follow the Phase 3 Week One Menu Guide:
The first week of Phase 3 menu:
Breakfast- 3 eggs and meat/veggies (meat must be sugar-free) and try adding in veggies such as bell peppers, onion, etc., or whatever you like.
Snack- 1 scoop of protein. Jay Robb (or similar) but only if you need extra calories for the day or 1- fruit (P2) orange, strawberries, apple, grapefruit (Keep your fruits P2 for now).
Lunch 6-8 oz of meat and veggies so chicken salad you could have 8 oz breast on a bed of spinach or lettuce 2-3 cups with tomatoes or other veggies.
Snack- Grissini (keep it in a few days a week at least until we add other grains)
Dinner- 6-8 oz protein and veggies.(look at the celery and chicken/steak on the blog last week) that is 500 calories.

Also, cook your meals with butter and add olive oil to your salads.  4T of oils per day will add 400 cal to your diet and help you get to maintenance calories easier.

introducing new foods

It’s important to slowly introduce new foods when entering Phase 3. Here are some guidelines.

Get ready to enjoy new proteins, vegetables as well as food items on the essentials list.

exercise on P3

Maintain your new set weight - Read our Phase 3 Resource Guide

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