Mint Tea Julep

Try a warm cup of tea

I found some great recipes on the Lipton Tea site.  Tea is so essential on the diet and I did not realize there are so many things we can do with tea.  Let’s spice up the tea recipes and please if anyone has any suggestions on how they make their tea please share in the comment section below.  One of the things I do specifically is no matter what kind of tea I am drinking I throw in a detox tea bag with it.

3/4 cup water

Stevia or Raspadura

2/3 cup coarsely chopped fresh mint

4 cups boiling water

4 Lipton® Cup Size Tea Bags (I used Green Tea Bags)

In small saucepan, bring water, sugar and mint to a boil. Cook, stirring constantly, until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and cool.  Meanwhile, in teapot, pour boiling water over Lipton® Cup Size Tea Bags; cover and brew 5 minutes. Remove Tea Bags and squeeze; cool. To serve, strain mint syrup, then stir into brewed tea. Serve over crushed ice.

Makes: 5 (8-oz.) servings

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