Phase 3 Poached Eggs with Cream & Cheese

Poached Egg

Here is a twist on my poached egg trip in my video. I know that the microwave is not ideal to cook in, and I rarely use it, but some days I just need something quick and this is a good quick breakfast. Maybe when I do more research on the microwave like I have been on ingredients, I’ll stop completely 🙂

P3 Poached Eggs
2 eggs
1 tsp. real heavy cream
Spices (sea salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash)
1/8 c. (+/-) White cheese of choice (Monterey Jack, Swiss, Pepper Jack and/or Mozzarella)

Put 2 eggs in a ramiken and pour in the cream. No need to mix. Sprinkle with spices and cheese. Cover with a moistened paper towel (as shown in video) and microwave until cooked to liking. (mine is 50 seconds)

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