Eliminate toxins and generate new and healthy skin cells!

If you haven’t ever heard of dry brushing, get ready to have your mind blown. This little practice only costs the price of one firm-bristled brush, only takes a few minutes a day, and can dramatically increase your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and generate new and healthy skin cells.

Your body eliminates about a third of its toxins through the skin. That means that leaving the dry skin in place is also leaving the toxins in place. Dry brushing simply removes the outer layer of dry, dead skin to make way for the new cells. It is essentially just helping your body out.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Purchase a long-handled brush with natural bristles.

2. Get naked. Or nekkid. Or nakey. However you say it. You will want to stand in the shower or tub to catch the dead skin…kinda gross, but you’re welcome for the heads up.

3. Starting at your feet and working upwards in long, smooth strokes, brush towards your heart and overlap a little bit of each previous section with the next stroke. The first couple times you do this, it may feel like sandpaper because you are not used to it. Do not scrub or harm yourself. These strokes are to remove a layer and to stimulate your lymph. Tender areas require less pressure. You will figure that out quickly.

4. Continue moving upwards. Some areas to focus on are thighs, booty, elbows, backs of arms (where there is sometimes chicken skin), and your back.

5. Do your best. Just remember that if you see dry skin floating around, you’re helping your body out and it will thank you.

6. When you finish brushing, you will want to hop in the shower. Some people recommend alternating hot and cold water to stimulate blood flow. This is your call. The hot will feel hotter after you remove a layer of skin.

7. After showering, pat dry and apply a healthy moisturizer like coconut oil or MSM lotion.

8. Repeat daily.

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