Pounds and INCHES..

The diet is all about Pounds and Inches.  When we are not losing pounds our body is shrinking right before our eyes.  One of the biggest mistakes we can make is always focusing and getting discouraged by the scale.  This is where this little handy tools come into play.  When we are in a stall we are usually losing inches and the only way to know that is to measure.  Many skip this very essential part of the diet.  Take before measurements and measure frequently throughout phase2 and you will see how much progress you are making regardless of what the scale says.

Track your body measurements and progress as your unwanted fat goes away! The MyoTape Body Tape Measure is a great tool for all protocol users. We all know Simeons book is titled Pounds and INCHES, so make sure you keep track from the beginning so you can see your inches melt away even if the scale doesn’t reveal a loss in pounds.

Watch your improvement! The MyoTape from AccuFitness is an improvement over the simple tape and it works excellent.

You can download the measuring chart Lisa shows here.

You can purchase the MyoTape here.

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