It’s Worth it, Don’t Give Up!

After my first round of hCG

One of the questions we receive on a regular basis is why am I stalled or not losing?   Having successfully completed the protocol I can assure you do not give up.  We all lose weight at different rates and levels, and one of the things I have learned is it so much more than about the scale.  There are several things happening while going through this process.  You will begin to feel differently about your food choices, about your self image and most importantly there are changes going on psychologically that will allow you to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle without experiencing the yo-yo affect of most diets.  Understanding the big picture of this diet is so important as it is life changing.  Always remember it is Pounds and Inches and the inches usually out number the pounds.  Your body is transforming into a new you and this takes time and patience.  The end result is a healthier happier you.  Below is a section from “Pounds and Inches” supporting the clumping factor many of us experience.

Fluctuations in weight loss

After the fourth or fifth day of dieting the daily loss of weight begins to decrease to one pound or somewhat less per clay, and there is a smaller urinary output. Men often continue to lose regularly at that rate, but women are more irregular in spite of faultless dieting. There may be no drop at all for two or three days and then a sudden loss which reestablishes the normal average. These fluctuations are entirely due to variations in the retention and elimination of water, which are more marked in women than in men.

…Patients who have previously regularly used diuretics as a method of reducing lose fat during the first two or three weeks of treatment which shows in their measurements, but the scale may show little or no loss because they are replacing the normal water content of their body which has been dehydrated. Diuretics should never be used...


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    You look great! skinny mini 😉

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