Prepare for swimsuit season

We all dread that time of year.  The swimsuits come out and it is time to pour our bodies into items we would not run around the house in.  A few months ago I told my husband, “I will never have the body I had in my 20’s”.  This was right before I was introduced to hCG.  Over the years I have tried many diets with the yo-yo affect.  I would lose a few pounds and then gain it back.  When I was introduced to hCG I really expected the same results.  What I have found is the most amazing reshaping diet I have ever been on.   Why is hCG different?  I would have to say that the difference is you lose just as many inches as you do pounds.  Places where you didn’t even realize your body was storing fat starts to break down and disappear.  Dr. Simeons protocol is set to reset your hypothalamus.  What this does for you is resets your weight in a maintenance period of 21 days following taking the hCG.  This keeps you from regaining and your body will remember this as your new base set weight.   If you are looking for a life changing method of weight loss consider it, because it has sure changed mine.  I think back to that statement I made and laugh.  I guess I can now say I won’t have the body of my 20’s again, but I will look better than I did then.

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