Track Your Progress!

Track your body measurements and progress as your unwanted fat goes away! The MyoTape Body Tape Measure is a great tool for all protocol users. We all know Simeons book is titled Pounds and INCHES, so make sure you keep track from the beginning so you can see your inches melt away even if the scale doesn’t reveal a loss in pounds.

Watch your improvement! The MyoTape from AccuFitness is an improvement over the simple tape and it works well.

Use this together with the downloadable charts in the Phase 2 Guide!



  1. Angela on April 3, 2012 at 1:41 am

    Thank you all of this!  You sure can tell that you and Carol are sisters!  Nice!

  2. Angela on April 3, 2012 at 2:14 am

    I loved this vlog!  I just ordered my myotape thingee… great gadget and looks a lot easier.  I also loved a number of things you said on the tape… like how not too many people noticed you had lost weight – or just didn’t say so out loud.  I had this experience and I think it was for some of the reasons you mentioned… like, I had not see some of these people in awhile and since I had been going up & down in weight, perhaps they could not noticed a big difference… but I agree, that this next round, that I am about to start, will really make a more noticeable difference.  Also, I think that some people are hesitant to say anything about another’s weight sometimes, even a comment about that fact that you have lost weight.  Especially men.  They fear that it implies that you NEEDED to lose weight… (which, in my case is true! LOL!)  Also, I think a lot of people are very self-obsessed and don’t notice much more than stuff about themselves… also LOL… but also true!  Anyway, it was a fun vlog and I like the fact that you & Carol are sisters!  Sweet!

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