Curried Tilapia

Curried Tilapia

Phase 2 Tilapia recipe
3.5 oz Tilapia
2 Tbs Liquid amino’s
Juice of a lemon
1/8 tsp  Curry powder or to taste

Fresh garlic
Dash of garlic salt, onion powder

Mix liquid amino’s with the remaining ingredents together.  Marinate the meat for 10 minutes, turning fish so all sided are marinated.  Place  fillet on the one side of  foil sheet.  Place  onions,  on top of the fish.   Fold the edges of the foil around the fish neatly, then pour remaining mixture on fish  and press edges together to seal.     Grill for 10-12 minutes over a medium flame, or until the fish is white and firm.  Unwrap the foil packet and remove the fish.  I mixed up the fish with the marinade after cooking to ensure all the meat was covered in the curry mixture.


  1. Karen on August 20, 2013 at 12:26 pm

    This sounds great but if I can’t grill it could I cook it in the oven? If I can, how long would it cook and at what temperature?

    • admin on August 20, 2013 at 9:16 pm

      yes 375 degrees for approximately 25 minutes

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