Little Choices Everyday

Gymnema Extract Destroys Sugar Cravings

Gymnema Sylvestre is an herb that destroys sugar cravings and helps in the reduction of body weight.

Satisfy Cravings with Creamy Chocolate Syrup

If you are craving chocolate, try a little dab of this recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

How Cinnamon Defends your Crazy Cravings

Cinnamon has been known to block sugar absorption, defend food cravings and promote weight loss.

Heart-Healthy Chocolate Energy Bars

These may look like a yummy snack or dessert, this energy bar is perfect for breakfast, too.

How Magnesium Plays a Role in Cravings

Defending your food cravings will help you get back on track and reach your weight loss goals.

P2 Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast

Tender chicken with delicious flavors and complimenting textures make this dish a must-have!

P2 Texas Dirty “Rice” (Beef & Cabbage)

An incredibly delicious and fast low carb meal! So delicious the whole family will enjoy this recipe!

Baby, It’s Cold (and Dry) Outside!

Here are a few wonderful things that can help you combat the moisture-zapping winter months!

P2 Mini Meatballs with Signature Asparagus

Easy to make meatballs with a great Italian flavor. So filling and satisfying while on a low calorie diet.

A-B-C Guide for Building a Healthy Food Day

Take better care of yourself with our A-B-C Guide to help you get back into a healthy routine after the holidays!

Warm up your Mornings with Breakfast Quinoa

Stay full longer with this amazingly delicious hearty breakfast! This recipe is easy and tasty!

New Year, New Me! How to be Successful

The new year often brings resolutions, and for many of us, it’s to lose weight. Let us help you!