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Strawberry Spinach Smoothie

Carol’s Latest video is the Strawberry Spinach Smoothie. 7-10 frozen strawberries 2 cups raw spinach 1/2 tsp. vanilla or 2 drops pure peppermint extract (optional) 8-10 drops liquid stevia – can also use flavored stevia 1 Tbsp. milk crushed ice water Blend and enjoy Here is the blender you see in the video: Ninja

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Releasing Weight Loss Anxiety

One of the hardest things to overcome on this protocol or any diet is the fear of gaining back your weight. I found developing good habits or therapeutic rituals will help you to release some of the anxiety and focus on your health versus your weight and fear. For our Bible study group we use…

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Miracle Noodles

Here is a video Carol did recently on Miracle Noodles.  Many use these in p2 and as fillers.   They have no nutritional value and some have reported stalls but others have been able to add them and not see any issues. Click the title to view the video when receiving via email.

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Tax Day Savings Bundle $5.00 off

Get the two new spices “free” in the Bundle pack and be the first to try them. Also place an order for any amount and use code “taxday” in the coupon section at checkout and receive $5.00 off your order to help with shipping costs.                    …

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Happy Easter Weekend

We wanted to wish each of you a very Happy Easter Weekend!

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Phases Explained!

  There are four phases protocol. Phase 1: Phase one is preparing for the diet. This is a preparatory phase that is very important but many skip. We recommend at least reading Pounds and Inches and trying one of the detox methods as you await your shipment. You can use this time to read Pounds…

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Shamrock Shake

This is a great recipe for both P2 and P3. It may look boring but it is not only easy, it is healthy and nutritious. Raw spinach is a great vegetable for weight loss. Great for a healthy pick-me-up in between meals! Shamrock Shake (P2) 7-10 frozen strawberries 2 cups raw spinach 1/2 tsp. vanilla…

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Spicy Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been used as a home remedy for years for numerous reasons including including increased energy, weight loss and aiding in digestion. It contains many nutrients which include minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron, and vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin B6. Studies have shown that…

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Grissini and Milk on Protocol

Are you in P3 and struggling? Do you gain when you eat dairy or a slice of bread? We believe the milk and Grissini (or Melba) are an important element in Dr. Simeons’ protocol and if you avoid it on P2, it could  P3. Here’s why! If you are not reintroducing dairy or this type of…

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Choose Wisely – Salad Dressings

Store-Bought Salad Dressings vs. LCM Dressings You sit down for a meal and choose a nice big healthy green salad and you think to yourself, wow, I’m making such a great healthy choice! Well, if you are pouring on the store-bought dressing, think again! Your salad could potentially make your healthy salad a very unhealthy…

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Benefits of Kelp

Kelp is a Green Algae commonly found in shallow warm oceans. Commonly referred to as Sea Kelp it offers many benefits. I first heard of Kelp on Dr. Oz for helping remove cellulite. After adding it to my daily supplements I have been pleasantly surprised by its other benefits of stabilizing my weight. Human plasma…

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Natural Mood and Anxiety Supplements

Vlog from Carol discussing depression and mood problems post hcg. Here she has been discovering what works for her to help achieve balance and feel back to normal. If you are feeling depressed you should always discuss your symptoms with your primary care physician. Discuss natural alternatives with your doctor you would like to try.…

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